Client Registration

Please call and talk with a therapist to schedule an appointment before registering. Please click on the link below your therapist’s name to register with your therapist in TherapyAppointment 2.0 before your first scheduled session.

Debbie Marks, MS LMFT
*Client Registration

Lori Nebel, MS LPC 
*Client Registration

Carolyn Cook, MA LPC
*Client Registration

Lindsey Anderson, MA
*Client Registration

Carol Sokovich, MA LPC-IT RN
*Client Registration

Tim Carlton, MA
*Client Registration

During your first session, you will be asked to sign the following forms if you did not sign them online. Read or print them if you wish. Your therapist can also provide them at the time of your first session.

Forms to Sign

Client Rights

Permission to Treat a Minor

TeleMentalHealth Authorization

Insurance Questions to Ask